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best start to the night. pizza and wine and good company in sconset.


She’s actually the one who won the world cup.


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Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, France.
Q: Do you know how beautiful you are?? And how much dudes wanna get with it and think you're a queen??

Ok people are gonna start thinking I’m sending these to myself now lmao

Q: You're extremely beautiful but I just wanna know. Do you ever have those moments when you just feel so ugly and don't even wanna get out of bed? Cause I do. Always but that's maybe cause I'm ugly lmao

Thank youuuuu and like every morning lol

Q: Okay lmao so I don't mean to be creepy but this will prolly be creepy anyway but who cares lmao so I saw you and your bf around a while ago and I notice that you guys use to have matching bracelets?? The blue things with y'all's initials. Lmao I am so sorry. I was wondering what the story behind it is??? Idk I'm curious. Nobody has ever loved me as much as that, wanting to get something matching with me lmao I'm sorry. So story?

He gave me a bracelet the first time I met him so I would never forget him and give him a chance in the future, which I did. So we got matching ones with our initials :) thanks for reminding me about them lol

Q: Who's your female best friend?

Good question